Easy Solution for Lenders Looking to Simplify Their Automobile CPI Program

If you lend money for vehicles, you understand how complicated the insurance process can be. Why make things even more difficult when they don’t have to be? When it comes to protecting your investments, the simpler the process the better.

SUI’s web-based program for varied vehicle and watercraft collateral protection is a leader in this field. Easy, economical, compliant, and secure – what more could you ask for?


  • Simplified reporting and administration
  • Lenders can track portfolio coverage internally
  • Easy, one-step ordering process
  • Secure, user-friendly technology platform
  • Instant binding authority for lenders
  • Rapid implementation process

Available coverages protect the lender and borrowers’ interests on uninsured loans, as well as single interest property insurance protecting the lender’s interest. Is the borrower worried about repossession of their only family vehicle? A car does not need to be repossessed for a claim to be filed with certain borrower coverage.

SUI’s user-friendly, web-based CPI program is coupled with our competitive insurance products from top-rated carriers, top-notch training, and technological support. Additionally, coverage extends far beyond everyday automobiles.

Hundreds of clients nationwide choose to partner with SUI for their web-based auto collateral protection insurance. Learn why here.

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