Easy, Accurate Flood Coverage with InsuraTrac from SUI

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Lenders work tirelessly to manage proper flood insurance among their residential and commercial property portfolios. If there was an easier way to navigate this complicated matrix of changing flood maps and regulatory requirements more efficiently, shouldn’t you consider it? InsuraTrac, SUI’s insurance tracking and placement system, is the dependable and constant partner you need.

SUI teams with community banks, credit unions, and diverse lending institutions nationwide to implement this easy-to-use insurance tracking platform – delivering seamless protection for lender property portfolios while providing impressive coverage solutions. (OSC offers additional flood products and outsourced support solutions for larger lenders and servicers. Learn more about OSC’s companion coverage by clicking here.)

Competitive pricing for all insurance products, services, and customizable features is just the beginning of why partnering with SUI is a practical and savvy business investment. Not only will lenders have access to top-notch customer services agents via the call center, but they can also use the system for real-time access to all borrower’s insurance information via the SUI website interface.

Even more reasons to use InsuraTrac:

  • Secure FTP servers for transfers
  • Historical information maintained and easily available
  • Document management services
  • Web-based availability to view scanned images of paper insurance documents received from borrowers
  • And more! 

Our goal is simple: making sure you, as a lender, have your objectives met. These objectives could include:

  • Accurate and timely updating of borrower’s insurance status
  • Identifying and reducing uninsured loans
  • Optimizing borrower acceptance
  • Minimizing false placements
  • Reducing operating expenses
  • Reducing foreclosures and REO losses
  • Staying in compliance with changing regulations

If these objectives match up with your needs or those of your clients, partnering with SUI for automated hazard and flood insurance tracking for your real estate loans makes sense. Reach out today and learn more about what we can do to help you. More information is available here.

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